Year 1890: Agatha Christie was born

Agatha Christie was born on September 15, 1890 in Devon, England. She published her first book, "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" in 1920. In 1926, Christie released "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd", a hit which was later marked as a genre classic and one of the author's all-time favorites.

Poirot and Marple are Christie's most well-known detectives, with the two featured in dozens of novels and short stories. Other notable Christie characters include Tuppence and Tommy Beresford, Colonel Race, Parker Pyne and Ariadne Oliver. Christie wrote more than 70 detective novels as well as short fiction. Christie's success as an author of sleuth stories has earned her titles like the "Queen of Crime" and the "Queen of Mystery." Christie was made a dame in 1971. In 1974, she made her last public appearance for the opening night of the play version of "Murder on the Orient Express". Christie died on January 12, 1976.

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