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Author Puissant-Schontz, L. ♦ Fortuna, C. ♦ Blondel, Marion
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Subject Keyword typology ♦ assessment tool ♦ predicates ♦ SLI ♦ LSF ♦ morphosyntax ♦ shs ♦ Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics
Abstract Studies of atypical signed language development in French Sign Language (LSF) and in many other sign languages are scarce (Quinto-Pozos, 2011), except in the UK. British studies showed that a deaf native signer in BSL had a significant delay in both production and reception, exhibiting restricted BSL grammar and reduced sentences (Morgan et al., 2007).Specific Language Impairment (SLI) in both SL and vocal language is characterized by heterogeneous language skills, but in SL, it is expressed differently depending on the visual-gestural modality. Morphosyntactic disorders concern the semantico-syntactic space (Quinto-Pozos, 2011), agreement morphology and the classifier system (Morgan et al., 2007).To identify SLI in LSF, we do not have a reference tool to evaluate LSF due to i) the paucity of linguistic descriptions of LSF, especially in terms of stages of development and acquisition in children and ii) failed attempts to adapt tests from other SL (no practical standardized tests, Courtin & al., 2010). We therefore created a pilot tool to assess predicate structures.We present the results of the reception and production tasks, focusing on predicative structures, for 4 deaf native signers in LSF (4 to 9 y.o). We observed different patterns of language development including one pattern with delayed language acquisition: reduced used of predicates, problems with reference (goal and target) and with temporal aspect and negation.We develop and present a new typology of predicative structures. We focus on indices to access the distinctive meaning of these structures, possibly used in simultaneous or sequential combination: floating Vs anchored, orientation, itinerary, configuration. We propose some hypotheses about the impact of the number of indices in the utterances and their hierarchy in the argument structure.
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