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Author Chaucer, Geoffrey
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Language English
Subject Keyword historical fiction
Abstract The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories written in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century (two of them in prose, the rest in verse). The tales, some of which are originals and others not, are contained inside a frame tale and told by a group of pilgrims on their way from Southwark to Canterbury to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. The themes of the tales vary, and include topics such as courtly love, treachery, and avarice. The genres also vary, and include romance, Breton lai, sermon, beast fable, and fabliau. The characters, introduced in the General Prologue of the book, tell tales of great cultural relevance.The version read here was edited by D. Laing Purves (1838-1873) “for popular perusal” and the language is mostly updated.(Summary by Wikipedia/Gesine)
Table of Contents   Preface
  The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer
  The General Prologue
  The Knight’s Tale, Part 1
  The Knight's Tale, Part 2
  The Miller's Tale
  The Reeve's Tale
  The Cook's Tale
  The Men of Law's Tale
  The Wife of Bath's Tale
  The Friar's Tale
  The Sompnour's Tale
  The Clerk's Tale
  The Merchant's Tale
  The Squire's Tale
  The Franklin's Tale
  The Doctor's Tale
  The Pardoner's Tale
  The Shipman's Tale
  The Prioress's Tale
  The Tale of Sir Thopas
  Chaucer’s Tale of Meliboeus
  The Monk's Tale
  The Nun’s Priest’s Tale
  The Second Nun’s Tale
  The Canons Yeoman’s Tale
  The Manciple’s Tale
  The Parson’s Tale
  Preces de Chauceres
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