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Author Grindlay, J. E. ♦ Helmken, H. F. ♦ Brown, R. H. ♦ Allen, L. R.
Source United States Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information
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Abstract The optical intensity interferometer operated by Sydney University at Narrabri, NSW, Australia, was converted in 1972 April to a sensitive detector of atmospheric Cerenkov light from extensive air showers (EAS) with E$sub 0$>2times10$sup 11$ eV. Its two 7-m aperture optical reflectors were separated by 120 m and pointed by computer at the mean altitude for the maximum development of EAS from the direction of an object to be studied. Off-axis photomultipliers on the reflectors viewed the atmospheric Cerenkov light from EAS muon cores, thus enabling rejection of greater than or equal to50 percent of EAS detected as being cosmic-ray-initiated. Possible (greater than or equal to3 sigma) sources were found in 1972 in the directions of Cen A (NGC 5128), the Vela Pulsar, and MP 1451, out of 11 candidate objects studied. The objects included pulsars, unusual X-ray sources, active galaxies, a supernova, and lower energy (approx.100 MeV) $gamma$-ray sources such as the galactic center. (Confirmation of the 1972 results was attempted in an improved series of observations in 1973 April-June and 1974 March-April. The Cen A result was confirmed and is reported elsewhere. Upper limits are given here for the other objects, together with evidence for a variable for a variable pulsed flux from the Vela Pulsar. Implications of the results are discussed. (AIP)
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Publisher Date 1975-10-01
Publisher Place United States
Journal Astrophys. J.
Volume Number 201
Issue Number 1
Organization Center for Astrophysics, Harvard College Observatory and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory