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Author Leupen, Sarah M. ♦ Besecke, Leslie M. ♦ Levine, Jon E.
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Abstract Neuropeptide Y (NPY) has been shown to potentiate the actions of LHRH during the generation of preovulatory LH surges. It is not yet known, however, if activation of a specific subtype of NPY receptors in the anterior pituitary gland is an obligatory event in the stimulation of spontaneous LH surges. A battery of NPY receptor agonists, as well as the specific NPY Y1 receptor antagonist BIBP3226, were used to assess the role of Y1 receptors in the amplification of LH surges. In Exp 1, the potencies of a number of NPY agonists in facilitating LHRH-induced LH surges were assessed in pentobarbital (PB)-blocked, proestrous rats. The rank-ordered potencies of these compounds were determined to be PYY = [Leu31Pro34]NPY > NPY ≫ hPP = rPP = NPY(13–36), which most closely reproduces the known rank-ordered affinties of these compounds for the Y1 receptor. In Exp 2, a Y1 subtype- specific antagonist, BIBP3226, was administered to unanesthetized, proestrous rats to assess the involvement of the Y1 receptor in the stimulation of spontaneous LH surges. The BIBP3226 compound strongly attenuated the endogenous proestrous LH surge, reducing the integrated value of LH secretion during the proestrous surge by more than 70%. In Exp 3, we assessed the ability of the Y1 receptor antagonist to block exogenous NPY effects on LHRH-induced LH surges. Treatment with BIBP3226 was found to completely prevent NPY amplification of LHRH-induced LH surges in pentobarbital-blocked, proestrous rats, thus confirming a pituitary locus of action of the drug. Taken together, these data clearly demonstrate that activation of neuropeptide Y receptors of the Y1 subtype is required for the physiological amplification of the spontaneous preovulatory LH surge in rats.
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Publisher Date 1997-07-01
Journal Endocrinology
Volume Number 138
Issue Number 7