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Author Moretto, C. ♦ Dagoret-Campagne, S. ♦ Adams, J. H. ♦ Ballmoos, P. Von ♦ Barrillon, P. ♦ Bayer, J. ♦ Bertaina, M. ♦ Blin-Bondil, S. ♦ Cafagna, F. ♦ Casolino, M. ♦ Catalano, C. ♦ Danto, P. ♦ Ebersoldt, A. ♦ Ebisuzak, T. ♦ Evrard, J. ♦ Gorodetzky, P. ♦ Haungs, A. ♦ Jung, A. ♦ Kawasaki, Y. ♦ Lim, H. ♦ Medina-Tanco, G. ♦ Miyamoto, H. ♦ Monnier-Ragaigne, D. ♦ Omori, T. ♦ Osteria, G. ♦ Parizot, E. ♦ Park, I. H. ♦ Picozza, P. ♦ Prévôt, G. ♦ Prieto, H. ♦ Ricci, M. ♦ M.D. Rodriguez Frias ♦ Santangelo, A. ♦ Szabelski, J. ♦ Takizawa, Y. ♦ Tsuno, K.
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Subject Keyword JEM-EUSO ♦ UHECR ♦ space instrument ♦ balloon experiment ♦ instrumentation ♦ sdu ♦ phys ♦ Physics [physics]/Astrophysics [astro-ph]/High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena [astro-ph.HE] ♦ Physics [physics]/Astrophysics [astro-ph]/Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysic [astro-ph.IM]
Abstract The EUSO-Balloon is a pathfinder of the JEM-EUSO mission, designed to be installed on-board the International Space Station before the end of this decade. The EUSO-Balloon instrument, conceived as a scaleddown version of the main mission, is currently developed as a payload of a stratospheric balloon operated by CNES, and will, most likely, be launched during the CNES flight campaign in 2014. Several key elements of JEM-EUSO have been implemented in the EUSO-Balloon. The instrument consists of an UV telescope, made of three Fresnel lenses, designed to focus the signal of the UV tracks, generated by highly energetic cosmic rays propagating in the earth's atmosphere, onto a finely pixelized UV camera. In this contribution, we review the main stages of the signal processing of the EUSO-Balloon instrument: the photodetection, the analog electronics, the trigger stages, which select events while rejecting random background, the acquisition system performing data storage and the monitoring, which allows the instrument control during operation.
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