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Date Created 2007-06-14
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Description It must be all the training we are getting every day, running around trying to get everything ready for the start of the LHC next year. This year, the ATLAS runners were in fine form and came in force. Nine ATLAS teams signed up for the 37th Annual CERN Relay Race with six runners per team. Under a blasting sun on Wednesday 23rd May 2007, each team covered the distances of 1000m, 800m, 800m, 500m, 500m and 300m taking the runners around the whole Meyrin site, hills included. A small reception took place in the ATLAS secretariat a week later to award the ATLAS Cup to the best ATLAS team. For the details on this complex calculation which takes into account the age of each runner, their gender and the color of their shoes, see the July 2006 issue of ATLAS e-news. The ATLAS Running Athena Team, the only all-women team enrolled this year, won the much coveted ATLAS Cup for the second year in a row. In fact, they are so good that Peter Schmid and Patrick Fassnacht are wondering about reducing the women's bonus in the complex calculation for awarding the cup to give a better chance to the other teams... All ATLAS runners participating in the CERN Relay Race ready for the start. Here are the names of all the ATLAS participants: The ATLAS Delay Team M. Branco; N. Eldik; A. Salzburger; A. Wildauer; E. Moyse; L. Goossens Muon High Rapidity Runners Y. Zhen; N. Nation; A. Eppig; M. Lewandowska; S. Prasad; C. Ferretti Atlastetic: G. Stach; S. Stapness; O. Rohne; R. McLaren; P. Farthouat; P. Fassnacht ATLAS team 'XSlackers': 3rd in the Mixed Open category T. Hryn'ova; L. Wiik; J. Stelzer; E. Ozcan; T. Eifert; N. Berger ATLAS-Dubna-MAG team: Best team in the "Unpaid Associates" category Y. Filippov; F. Lupenko; M. Serochkin; A. Bazanov; E. Serochkin; V. Neapolitanskiy The Titan Gang: 1st in the Mixed Open category E. Dobson; S. Infante; T. Kittelmann; M. Niegl; J. Boyd; S. Schlenker PixChix (atlas pixel team) M. Scherzer; N. Garelli; F. Hirsch; W. Paul; C. Gemme; T. Golling ATLAS 94025 I. Aracena; A. Salnikov; C. Horn; S. Demers; C. Young; S. Gowdy The Running Athenas (all women) 2nd in the Women category H. Przysiezniak; S. Franchino; M. Dunford; D. Scannicchio; S. Leber; P.Gagnon (left) The ATLAS Delay Team. (right) The Muon high rapidity Team. (left) The Atlastetic Team (right) The XSlackers Team. (left) The ATLAS Dubna-MAG Team. (right) The Titan Gang Team. (left) Muriel enjoying a little rest after the effort(right) The ATLAS 94025 Team. (left)The ATLAS Running Athena Team, winner of the ATLAS Cup for the second year in a row. (right) The ATLAS PixChix Team.