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Author Berens, E. M.
Source Librivox
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Language English
Subject Keyword children's fiction
Abstract This is a comprehensive collection of all the major and minor gods of Rome and Greece, with descriptions of festivals and retellings of major mythological stories. (Summary by Sibella)
Table of Contents   01 - Preface, Part I: Myths, and The First Dynasty
  02 - The Second Dynasty: Chronus, Rhea, Division of the World, Theories as to the Origin of Man
  03 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Zeus (Jupiter)
  04 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Hera, Pallas Athene, Themis, and Hestia
  05 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Demeter and Aphrodite
  06 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Phoebus-Apollo
  07 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Hecate and Selene
  08 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Artemis
  09 - Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Hephaetus and Poseidon
  10 - Third Dynasty: Sea Divinities- Oceanus through Nike
  11 - Third Dynasty: Sea Divinities- Hermes
  12 - Third Dynasty: Sea Divinities- Dionysus
  13 - Third Dynasty: Sea Divinities- Aides and Plutus
  14 - Third Dynasty: Minor Divinities
  15 - Third Dynasty: Night and Her Children- Nyx through Eros and Psyche
  16 - Third Dynasty: Night and Her Children- Hymen through the Charities or Graces
  17 - Third Dynasty: Night and Her Children- Horae through Asclepias
  18 - Third Dynasty: Roman Divinities
  19 - Public Worship of the Ancient Greeks and Romans
  20 - Greek Festivals
  21 - Roman Festivals
  22 - Legends: Cadmus and Perseus
  23 - Legends: Ion and Daedelus and Icarus
  24 - Legends: The Argonauts
  25 - Legends: Pelops and Heracles - part 1
  25 - Legends: Pelops and Heracles - part 2
  26 - Legends: Bellerophon and Theseus
  27 - Legends: Oedipus and The Seven against Thebes
  28 - Legends: The Epigoni, Alcmaeon and the Necklace, and The Heraclidae
  29 - Legends: The Siege of Troy
  30 - Return of the Greeks and Romans from Troy
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