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Subject Keyword Quantificational Subordination ♦ Natural Language Interpretation Part ♦ Structured Context ♦ Harvey Court ♦ Encoded Quantificational Dependency ♦ Everyu Convention ♦ Phenomenon Anaphora ♦ Quantificational Dependency ♦ Theu Girl ♦ Quan-tificational Dependency ♦ Narrow-scope Indefinite Reading ♦ Natural Language Interpretation ♦ Wide-scope Indefinite ♦ Sheu Alwaysu ♦ Wide-scope Indefinite Reading ♦ First Discourse ♦ Second Discourse ♦ Poesio Zucchi ♦ Main Theme ♦ Multiple Context ♦ Narrow-scope Indefinite ♦ Quantificational Dependency Main Goal ♦ Exceptional Wide Scope ♦ Referential Intention ♦ Structured Notion ♦ Sentential Boundary ♦ Multiple Agent ♦ Initial Sentence Harvey ♦ Quan-tifier Scopings
Abstract • the main theme of the presentation: we need a richer, structured notion of context for natural language interpretation – more structure both within and across contexts; • we need more structure within contexts to capture the way in which information about quan-tificational dependencies is passed across sentential boundaries, for example in discourses involving quantificational subordination (this is Part 1 – Adrian); • we need more structure across contexts to capture reference in discourses involving multiple agents, hence multiple contexts that share, in some sense, the same referential intention (this is Part 2 – Sam). The Phenomenon: Anaphora to Quantificational Dependencies • main goal: argue that (i) quantificational subordination and (ii) exceptional wide scope are just two aspects of the same phenomenon – anaphora to quantificational dependencies; • let us examine them in turn... Quantificational Subordination • consider the contrast between the following two discourses (from Karttunen 19761): 1. a. Harvey courts au girl at everyu convention. b. Sheu is very pretty. 2. a. Harvey courts au girl at everyu convention. b. Sheu alwaysu ′ comes to the banquet with him. [c. Theu girl is usuallyu ′ also very pretty.] • the initial sentence Harvey courts a girl at every convention is ambiguous between two quan-tifier scopings: every>> a (narrow-scope indefinite) and a>> every (wide-scope indefinite); • but the first discourse as a whole allows only for the wide-scope indefinite reading: there is a girl such that Harvey courts her at every convention and this girl is very pretty; 1For more discussion of quantificational subordination and telescoping, see Roberts (1987), Poesio & Zucchi (1992) and Wang et al. (2006) among others. 1 • in contrast, the second discourse also allows for the narrow-scope indefinite reading: every convention is such that Harvey courts a girl at that convention and such that the girl that Harvey courts at that convention comes to the banquet (of that convention) with him. Indexation: • superscripts- on antecedents; subscripts- on anaphors;
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