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Author Milcent, Pierre-Yves
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Subject Keyword Atlantic France ♦ Late Bronze Age ♦ elites ♦ metal objects ♦ prestige goods ♦ Hallstatt C ♦ biens de prestige ♦ France atlantique ♦ âge du Bronze final ♦ productions métalliques ♦ shs ♦ Humanities and Social Sciences/Archaeology and Prehistory
Abstract The specific material culture of the elites during the later Bronze Age is a subject of interest over many years in Europe. Concerning the Atlantic zone, the studies are nevertheless more recent and, thefore, less numerous. Among the metallic production, if we know well the golden jewels, the defensives weapons (shields and helmets), the ceremonial vessels (cauldrons and buckets) and the associated feasting equipment (rotary spits and flesh-hooks), other objets belonging to the elites have seldom been studied by the specialists of the Atlantic zone : we would like to talk essentially about harness and chariot fittings, miniature models of 4 wheels wagons, balances and weights for precious metals, some musical instruments and importation of bronzes coming from the farest distances ("exotica" which the foreign origin gives a surplus of value). Most of these elements are often represented in hoards of northern and western France, then I will study them, first of all, from a typological and chronological perspective. After that, I would like to replace them in an historical context of the social practices of the atlantic elites and in the exchange systems connected with Central Europe, Iberia, central and oriental Mediterranea. We will see in particular the strong and decisive atlantic influences on the material culture of the hallstattian elites at the very beginning (8th c. BC) : the direction of spread of innovations was not always from southeastern to northwestern Europe.
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