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Editor Ramacharyulu, N.Ch.Pattabhi
Illustrator Soni, Prashanth
Source SCERT Andhra Pradesh
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Publisher Government of Andhra Pradesh
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Language English
Difficulty Level Medium
Subject Domain (in DDC) Natural sciences & mathematics ♦ Mathematics ♦ Algebra
Subject Keyword Geometrical Verification ♦ Trinomial ♦ Monomial ♦ Multiplying ♦ Algebraic Expressions ♦ Multiplication ♦ Binomial
Table of Contents Chapter 11) Algebraic Expressions
  11.1) Introduction
  11.2) Like and Unlike Terms
  11.3) Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions
  11.4) Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions
11.5) Multiplying A Monomial by a Monomial
  11.5.1) Multiplying Two Monomials
  11.5.2) Multiplying Three or More Monomials
11.6) Multiplying a Binomial or Trinomial by a Monomial
  11.6.1) Multiplying a Binomial by a Monomial
  11.6.2) Multiplying a Trinomial by a Monomial
11.7) Multiplying a Binomial by a Binomial or Trinomial
  11.7.1) Multiplying a Binomial by a Binomial
  11.7.2) Multiplying a Binomial by a Trinomial
  11.8) What is an Identity?
  11.9) Some Important Identities
  11.10) Application of Identities
11.11) Geometrical Verification of the Identities
  11.11.1) Geometrical Verification of the Identity (A + B) 2 º A2 + 2ab + B2
  11.11.2) Geometrical Verification of the Identity (A - B) 2 º A2 − 2ab + B2
Description This is the eleventh chapter of text book "Mathematics" for Class 8. This chapter deals with Algebraic Expressions. In mathematics, an algebraic expression is an expression built up from integer constants, variables, and the algebraic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and exponentiation by an exponent that is a rational number). A rational expression is an expression that may be rewritten to a rational fraction by using the properties of the arithmetic operations (commutative properties and associative properties of addition and multiplication, distributive property and rules for the operations on the fractions). In other words, a rational expression is an expression which may be constructed from the variables and the constants by using only the four operations of arithmetic. It includes some questions with solution related to algebra.
Educational Role Student ♦ Teacher
Age Range 13 to 17 years
Educational Use Classroom ♦ Reading
Interactivity Type Expositive
Education Level V to VIII
Learning Resource Type Book
Educational Framework Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (APBSE)
Time Required P1W2D
Publisher Date 2013
Publisher Place Hyderabad
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Source: SCERT Andhra Pradesh